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  1. American Blue Doe With Kits
    American Blue Doe With Kits
Kim Martin, developer of Bunny Bran products raises both Satin Angora (wool production) and American (heritage breed) rabbits.  These products have been tested on her own rabbits and reviewed by a veterinarian.  At the urging of many who have sampled the Branola, over the years, she has decided to make her private top dressing blend available to the rabbit owning public. 
Ava Firth, long-time critical care veterinarian, with international practice and university lecturing career, has approved the product, encouraged its production, and sale to the public.  She has been instrumental in finding the necessary crude analysis laboratory.  Without Ava's encouragement and enthusiasm, this product would still be in private use in the barns of a few friends.  

Initially, we were motivated by the desire to feed flax seed to the rabbits in a form that didn't fall through the J-feeder screens.  We tried cookies, flax crackers, gelatinous goo....and eventually hit upon the idea of making a rabbit type granola with all yummy (to rabbits) ingredients.  Researching rabbit-safe ingredients can be time consuming and frustrating as it mixes scientific findings with old wives' tales and anecdotal  "facts".  Hence, the need for the most important rabbit in our barn, Ralph the test-bunny.

Ralph, the test bunny, has cheerfully chewed his way through multiple ingredients and various recipe experiments.  His opinions and reactions were the stage 1 testing for all our research and development decisions.  We could not have made Branola into the rabbit-favorite-food it has become without all his help.
 A huge debt of gratitude is also owed to Vida Noffsinger, our web-master and IT guru.  She is very busy but still takes time to repair problems I've had with the site. Even more wonderful is her patiently explaining technology to me in terms I can understand and hopefully make work without her help in the future.  Rock on, Vida!